Our Call

The Community’s charism includes life in the Spirit, the communion of the states of life, and apostolic works.

Life in the Spirit

The spirituality of the Community is centered on interior life and unceasing prayer. For each member, mental prayer is the source of all they do.

The Community has a strong conviction that the Lord’s coming is close at hand and that we can hasten his coming and anticipate the Kingdom through praise, the beauty of the liturgy and fraternal life.

The Community also welcomes the charisms and gifts of the Holy Spirit for the sake of mission and evangelization. A special interest in the Jewish roots of the Christian faith moves the Community to pray for the People of Israel as well as for the unity of Christians. A final wellspring of the Beatitudes’ spirituality is Marian devotion and consecration.

Communion of the States of Life

As an “ecclesial family,” the Community aspires to an authentic fraternal communion between its consecrated brothers and sisters and its lay members, taking the Trinitarian life as its model. The Community is comprised of three branches united as one body, sharing in Liturgy, fraternal life, and mission.

Apostolic Works and Mission

Through the witness of its life, the Community desires a share in the mission of the Church. Through media, retreats, hospitality, pilgrimages, conferences, family and youth ministry, student and young adult ministry, parishes, and shrines, the Community seeks to participate in the New Evangelization.

The community also maintains numerous works of compassion and humanitarian aid, such as hospitals, orphanages, women’s shelters, and in certain houses, welcoming people with various disabilities and poverties.

Our common call can be summed up as contemplation, communion, compassion, and mission.

A calling to the Beatitudes…

… entails hearing, in the wake of Vatican II, the Holy Spirit calling the people of God and particularily the laity, to a powerful revival. The Holy Spirit renews the Church, embellishes it like a bride preparing for the coming of her Spouse, enriches it with totally new gifts among which are communities to which believers, with different vocations and of all states of life, belong : families, single people, consecrated brothers and sisters, priests, deacons, etc

It means being fascinated by the beauty of the Kingdom to come and the splendor of the heavenly Jerusalem, anticipating whole-heartedly already here below this life of the Kingdom (…)

Read the whole of Fr. Jacques Philippe’s meditation

Stages of Integration

One becomes a member of the Community through steps that vary according to one’s present or eventual state of life. Lay members follow a track that takes at least five years to arrive at lifetime commitments; persons discerning consecrated life have a path that takes at least eight years.

Discerning a Vocation

Would you like to meet the community or even discern a call? Come and see! Come spend a few days in one of our houses to discover the charism of the Community and to take a step towards God’s will for your life.

FIrst, write to the nearest house, explaining your desire to get to know the community and to meet its members. See “Where to find us”.

If you have already stayed with the Community, email us to ask how you would like to move forward.

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