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A Community
Born in the Wake of Vatican II

The Community of the Beatitudes is a contemplative and missionary community born in France in 1973, in the wake of the Second Vatican Council and in the movement of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.
It was founded by Gérard Croissant (Ephraïm), his wife Jo, and another couple, after their experience of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and intimacy with God. The Lord inspired them to begin living in community following the Gospel call and the example of the first Christian communities, as described in the Acts of the Apostles.

The Community first developed in Cordes sur Ciel (81), where Cardinal Robert Coffy, Archbishop of Albi, recognized it as a “pious union”.
In 2002, it was recognized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity as an International Private Association of the Faithful.
After many stages, this association was dissolved as, on June 29, 2011, Monsignor Robert Le Gall, Archbishop of Toulouse, erected a new public association of the faithful of diocesan right, with a view to becoming an ecclesial family of consecrated life, under the authority of the Roman Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life (CIVCSVA).
And on December 8, 2020, he erected the Community of the Beatitudes as an  “Ecclesial Family of Consecrated Life” of diocesan right at the request of Cardinal Braz De Aviz, prefect of the CIVCSVA.



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Image of the people of God in its unity and the diversity of its callings, the Community brings together consecrated sisters, consecrated brothers, some of whom are priests, and lay people, celibate or married (some of whom are permanent deacons or consecrated lay celibates).



The Beatitudes Family

Alongside married and celibate lay members, consecrated brothers and priests, as well as consecrated sisters, the Community is enlarged by “covenant members” to form the Beatitudes Family. There are different ways to commit with the Beatitudes.

IN 2021






At the end of 2021, the Community had 805 members: 185 brothers (including 95 priests and 14 transitional deacons), 297 sisters, 323 lay people (including 11 permanent deacons and 51 celibates for the Kingdom). All share the same calling. Finally, 33 trainees live a year of discernment and formation in our houses with a view to entering the Community.

The Community has 54 foundations in twenty-eight countries around the world. It is present in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, Oceania and the Middle East.


The Community of the Beatitudes is composed of :

a Brothers’ Branch

some of whose members are clerics (priests and deacons), under the authority of a Superior General, elected from among the brother priests.

a Sisters’ Branch

under the authority of a General Responsible, elected from among the sisters. under the authority of a General Responsible, ele ted from among the sisters.

and a branch of lay members, married and single

under the direction of a General Moderator elected from among the laity, and having its own Statutes.

The Community is governed by a President , man or woman, elected from among its consecrated members, by a General Assembly, whose delegates are elected by all the members of the Community.

The President governs and seeks the will of God in a collegial spirit with the General Council, composed of the Heads of the branches and their assistants, and the common search for the will of God. He (or she) exercises his authority while respecting the degree of autonomy specific to each Branch.

The General Assembly of the Community meeting in October 2019 re-elected Sr. Anna Katharina Pollmeyer President of the Community for four years.


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An ecclesial family of consecrated life

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