Apostolic life

The Community does not exist for itself. Through various apostolic works, community members share the graces they receive in prayer and fraternal life with the Church and with the world. Apostolic life overflows from one’s interior life and is a way to experience God’s action and the power of the Holy Spirit through the gift of self. Mission is the privileged chance to witness to the beauty, the richness, and the complementarity of the People of God.

Since its beginnings, the Community has had a special concern for the poor and the suffering, desiring to put compassion into practice and to console the heart of Christ. The Community has developed various charitable works and humanitarian projects.

The Community also takes to heart the fact that so many have yet to meet Christ. It seeks to spread the Gospel according to the various ways that members are called and according to the requests of the Church. It seeks to participate in the New Evangelization, reaching out especially to families and youth.

Finally, through art and beauty, the Community seeks to witness to man’s universal vocation, namely, to elevate Creation towards the Glory of God.

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