The members of the Community wish to reach out to all men and women that they may know the Good News. The Holy Spirit impels us to bear witness in many ways to Christ’s love with boldness and creativity.

Spreading the Gospel by all possible means

  • Evangelization through the media (Éditions des Béatitudes, Radio Ecclésia, Maria Multi Media, Feuer und Licht, etc.)
  • retreats and spiritual days, prayer evenings
  • hospitality 
  • spiritual direction
  • parish missions and evangelization missions
  • Evangelization through Art (Art for God)
  • leading prayer groups
  • leading pilgrimages and conferences
  • family, children and youth ministry
  • theological training, teaching, preaching

Serving the needs of the local Church

Community priests may be parish priests, vicars, chaplains, and rectors of shrines. The members of the Community may assume various services in their diocese: teaching in a faculty of theology, catechism, chaplaincy, leading groups, leading in a parish, a shrine, etc.

Mission “ad gentes”

“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to all creation.” Mark 16:15

In accordance with Christ’s mission, the members of the Community want to proclaim the Gospel throughout the world. No one should be deprived of the Good News. More than ever, the world today needs to know this Word of Life and Hope.. The Community promotes the missionary enthusiasm of its members and supports projects in regions where the Gospel has not yet been proclaimed. It is present on all five continents.

At the service of your faith

To nourish your spiritual life…

The Community has a leading role in many shrines and retreat centers around the world and welcomes people for times of healing and retreat in most of its houses.

Discover the house closest to you.

The apostolic life of the Community of the Beatitudes is also…




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