Our world has an urgent need for true beauty which speaks of God, gives meaning to human life, and bears witness to the splendour of the world to come.

The Community with all Creation wishes to sing the Glory of God, and the artistic language wants to be in its own way the celebration of its Beauty. Through art, the Community wishes to bear witness to the universal vocation of man, which is to contemplate something of divine beauty.

Through art and its various disciplines such as singing, dancing, music, painting, iconography, photography, theatre, poetry, the Community has an important mission to fulfil in the field of evangelization.


  • Two icon workshops of Community Sisters chosen among other Community iconographers

Saint-Seraphim workshop

Saint Cleophas workshop

  • An evangelization apostolate through art and beauty

Art for God


But also arts & crafts :

  • A Leather workshop and sandal making

Saint-Joseph workshop

  • A craft workshop for statues

  • Handmade candles

La ciergerie Lumen Christi


The apostolic life of the Community of the Beatitudes is also…

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