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Published on the 23 March 2021



– Because they just accepted the Community of the Beatitudes as being eligible to receive a grant. Meaning, they recognized our Ecclesial Family of Consecrated Life.

– Because they just accepted our Aspirant, Mirjana Coccia, in formation here in our house of Denver, to become a grant recipient. The fund will take care of her student loans (She got a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Thomas Aquinas College, California.).

What is their mission?

Their mission is to increase vocations to Catholic religious life by eliminating the obstacle of student loan debt that prevents otherwise qualified young men and women from entering formation.


Discerning consecrated life is a great act of trust: trust that God will both speak loudly enough for me to hear Him and also give me the spiritual and material means to follow His call. Every day I experience the little miracles of how He leads and provides, but it is a special grace to see how He takes care of the big things too, even “impossible” things, like my $10,000 student loan debt. I am so thankful for Mater Ecclesiae and all the people who donate to their fund, because it is a deep joy to hear my Beloved’s voice and know He has freed me to run after Him.

Most aspirants to religious life have no trouble clearing their personal debt: but student loans are different. Information and help through:

Author : Sr. Mary of the Visitation

Sr. Mary of the Visitation is from Belgium. She joined the Community in France in 1991, and has been in the United States for eight years. She is in charge of formation for our vocations in Denver, Colorado. (USA)


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