Why ask for a Mass to be celebrated for your intention ?

The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Christian life. At Mass, all the love of Jesus pours out in us. It is not only we who benefit from it, but we can present to Christ all our loved ones. You can offer a Mass for a particular purpose: for a living or a deceased person, for yourself, to ask or give thanks to God, for a particular occasion, to support a loved one sick or in difficulty, or for a more general intention concerning the Church or the world.

Why make an offering when asking for a Mass to be celebrated ?

From the beginning of the Church, Christians have been bringing personal offerings to the Eucharistic sacrifice in order to participate more closely. By giving a little of themselves, they join in the offering that Jesus makes to his Father. With their offering, therefore, they do not buy the benevolence of God and they do not “pay for the Mass,” because it has no price! The money serves not to pay for a Mass, but to help the priest to live. An offering, therefore, is a financial contribution whose main purpose is to meet the needs of the priest and his community.

Support the mission of our priests !

Suggested offerings :

  • 1 Mass : 17 euros ($20)
  • Novena : 170 euros (9 consecutive Masses) ($200)
  • 30 consecutive Masses for one deceased person : 560 euros ($600)

I want to offer a Mass

You can offer a Mass online by clicking on the button below. You will be able to specify your prayer intentions.


You can also make your donation by check and send it by mail. Send it with your check payable to “Community of the Beatitudes – Mass Offering” at the following address:

Communauté des Béatitudes
Vivre et Agir
60, avenue du Général Compans
31700 Blagnac

You can send your mass offering directly to one of our English speaking houses:

Denver (USA)

Community of the Beatitudes
2924 W. 43rd Ave
Denver, CO 80211

New Zealand

Community of the Beatitudes
Our Lady of Fourvière
50 Terrace Road RD1
Amberley 8251 North Canterbury


Community of the Beatitudes, Post Office Box 638,
Ramle 7210601,

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