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Life of prayer vie_oraison_17

Life of prayer : Spiritual reading (n°17)

In former bulletins, we have spoken about the vital importance of Lectio divina. We are dealing here with another subject,…

Life of the Church Közösségünk a Hősök Téren

52nd International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest

“All my springs are in you” (Ps 87:7) – this was the theme of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress held…

Life of the Community

Denver Aspirants, Missionaries in Lebanon

Hello!  The four aspirants from the Denver house just returned from a wonderful 6 weeks with the house in Gharzouz,…

Life of prayer

Life of prayer : Orison an act of Hope (n°16)

In the bulletin « He is here ! » n° 11, we recalled that, for our prayer to be true,…

Life of prayer

Life of prayer : Inner life (n°14)

« Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you » (Luke 17,21) and St Paul « You are the temple…

Life of prayer Oraison et vie quotidienne

Life of prayer : Oraison everyday (n°12)

Keeping in touch « Go in the peace of Christ », Mass has ended, but one can understand: « From…

Life of prayer

Life of prayer : Silence and Word (n°15)

In the beginning In the beginning is the Word: God speaks and it is. The Word creates, organises what was…

Life of prayer

Life of prayer : Prayer of the Heart (n°13)

Prayer of the heart, or « ceaseless prayer » derives from St Paul’s invitation to the Thessalonians Christians: « Pray…

Life of prayer

Life of prayer : Orison, an act of faith (n°11)

In the foreword of the « Ascent of Carmel », St John of the Cross writes: « There are some…

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