A Pentecost Experience

A pentecostal experience and an escathological dimension have been, right from the start, at the heart of the founding charism of the Community of the Beatitudes.

As stated in our Book of Life, each member of the Community is to live out this calling, in keeping with their state of life, through:

  • an intense life of union with God, seeking to pray unceasingly, according to the Eastern Christian tradition, and faithfully practicing the Carmelite way of prayer;
  • a regular sacramental life;
  • celebration of the Liturgy, which unites us to the praise of Heaven;
  • the practice of fervent praise and the exercise of charisms;
  • consecration to the Virgin Mary;
  • communion with the prayer of the People of Israel and intercession to hasten the fulfillment of the Lord’s designs with regard to Israel and the nations;
  • ardent intercession, that all Christians may attain to full unity.

“The aim of a Christian life is the acquisition of the Holy Spirit.”
Saint Seraphim of Sarov (1759-1833), one of the patron saints of the Community.

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