1973 : On May 25, in Valence (France), birth of the Community “of the Lion of Judah and of the Immolated Lamb”. Gérard (Éphraïm) and Josette Croissant with Jean-Marc and Mireille Hammel, decide to found the Community.

1974  : Community life begins in Soyons then in Valence (Drôme, France). Ephraim writes the “Rule of Life”. It revolves around three axes: prayer, poverty and obedience.

 1975  : On May 31, Mgr Robert Coffy, Archbishop of Albi, welcomes into his diocese at Cordes sur Ciel, the nascent community, which takes the name of “Community of the Lion of Judah and of the Immolated Lamb”. This is a new stage in which community life is structured. In November, first foundation abroad, in the Holy Land.

1978  : On November 18, ordination as a diaconate of Ephraim (Gérard Croissant) by Bishop Robert Coffy and first consecrations (private vows). They are seven to commit themselves perpetually to the way of the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience. They receive a habit, a sign of consecration.

1979  : On January 19, Bishop Robert Coffy erects the Community into a “Pious Union”, according to the Code of Canon Law then in force.

1980  : The permanent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is instituted in the Community, while the life of prayer in the school of Carmel had already been practiced since the foundation of the Community.


1981  : Writing of the first “Book of Life”, which contains elements of the future Statutes . First foundation in Africa, at the Kabinda hospital (DRC).

1985  : January, the Community becomes a private association of the faithful under diocesan right . Bishop Robert Coffy approves its Statutes. The first moderator, Philippe Madre, is appointed by Ephraim.

1991  : August 15, approval of the modification of the Statutes by Mgr Roger Meindre, Archbishop of Albi. On this occasion, the Community “of the Lion of Judah and of the Immolated Lamb” becomes “Community of the Beatitudes”.

1992  : First election of a general moderator: Fernand Sanchez is elected. Exploratory mission with a view to setting up the Community in Vietnam.

1994  : Mgr MEINTER, after consultation with the bishops of France, approves by decree, the new Statutes for 5 years ad experimentum .

1998  : November. Vote on the new Statutes presented to the Pontifical Council for the Laity. At the same time, the “Book of Life” was revised and a “Directory” was started.

2000  : November. Elective General Assembly. Father François-Xavier Wallays is elected general moderator.

2002  : December 8, decree of recognition of the Community of the Beatitudes by the Pontifical Council for the Laity (CPL) as an international private association of the faithful of pontifical right , and approval of its Statutes, ad experimentum for 5 years.


2007  : Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President of the CPL, gives the Community government a series of directives to deepen its functioning. Extension of the recognition of the Statutes for two years.

2009  : November, the General Assembly votes in favor of the attachment of the Community to the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (CIVCSVA). Implementation by branch of each state of life.

2010  : On September 30, 2010, decree of Cardinal Franc Rodé, Prefect of the CIVCSVA, entrusting the government of the Community to Bro. Henry Doneaud, op as, Pontifical Commissioner, following internal tensions in the Community and in view of the approval of its new Statutes by the CIVCSVA.


2011  : The CIVCSVA gives its visum to the new Statutes . On June 29, Mgr Robert Le Gall, Archbishop of Toulouse, erected the Community of the Beatitudes into a public association of the faithful of diocesan right with a view to becoming an ecclesial family of consecrated life .

2011  : On November 15, the Pontifical Commissioner and the General Council publish a press release explaining the process of consolidation and restructuring underway in the Community. They bring to light serious faults committed by certain members of the Community.

2013  : Sr Anna Katharina Pollmeyer, on October 7, is appointed by decree of the Prefect of the CIVCSVA “Delegate President” of the Pontifical Commissioner.

2014  : June 29, Decree of Bishop Le Gall approving the extension of the General Statutes and the Statutes of the Associated Lay Branch for three additional years, ad experimentum .

2015  : Elective General Assembly, from October 22 to November 1 . Sr. Anna Katharina Pollmeyer is elected President; General Managers are elected for each Branch (consecrated sisters, consecrated brothers, lay people) in a special assembly. Fr. Henry Donneaud op continues to accompany the Community as Apostolic Assistant.

2019  : Elective General Assembly, from October 25 to November 3. Sr Anna Katharina Pollmeyer is re-elected President for 4 years, and new heads of branches are elected in a private assembly.

2020 : On November 12, the CIVCSVA grants Mgr Le Gall, Archbishop of Toulouse, the right to erect the Community of the Beatitudes into an “Ecclesial Family of Consecrated Life” under diocesan right. Archbishop Le Gall performs this erection on December 8, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.



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