Covenant members

In the Beatitudes Family, connected to the Community, young people, couples, single people, deacons, and diocesan priests can live their daily lives according to the spirituality of the Community by taking on a commitment as “covenant members.” There are several types of commitment and ways of belonging to the Beatitudes Family.

  • The Friends of the Lamb are lay members or clerics of all ages who want to live according to the spirituality of the Beatitudes. Making an annual commitment, they express their desire to lead a life of regular prayer based on the community Liturgy and are committed to actively participating in the life and mission of the Community. Send an email to learn more…
  • For young people ages 16 to 30, a possible commitment is that of Disciples of the Lamb.They are young people who, having had a personal conversion experience, choose Christ as the only Lord and Master of their lives. They meet together regularly in a home and bear witness to their belonging to the Disciples of the Lamb through their faith and their concrete commitment in the Church and in society.
  • The Fraternities of Saint Camille de Lellis are places where people are welcomed and received. The members of the Fraternities felt a special vocation of accompaniment and prayer and were formed to this, in connection with the Community of the Beatitudes. They offer to people in difficulty an accompaniment towards interior restoration and a listening compassion.
  • The Fraternities of Secular Clerics include diocesan or religious priests who wish to live according to the spirituality of the Community in their place of mission.They meet in local fraternity with priests of the Community to experience fraternal times and common missions.


“Aspiring to a greater union with God, I commit myself to the daily practice of prayer, to a loving daily reading of the Word of God, to frequenting the sacraments regularly, to Marian prayer and to remain chaste in heart and body.
I also commit myself to work for the sanctification of the youth of my country, through fasting, prayer, and the witness of a coherent Christian life in connection with the teachings of the Church.

Lord, I want to love you and make you loved. Be my light and my strength.”

from the Commitment of the Disciples of the Lamb

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