Mary Queen of Martyrs

Homokkomárom, Hungary

Situated near Balaton Lake and the thermal pools of Zalakaros, Homokkomárom is a small village known for its Marian shrine, built in 1722.

The Community of the Beatitudes has been present in this place since 1990. The Archbishop of Veszprem brought us here to care for the shrine and its pilgrims.

Community life started in an old Franciscan monastery next to the shrine. In 1993, we had an opportunity to build a new house. In three steps the construction finished at 2006 and the chapel consecrated, the house of “Mary Queen of Martyrs” became a retreat and formation center for all: youth, prayer groups, families and pilgrims.

For the moment, only sisters live in the house, however, a real spiritual family has formed around us, including many associate members: the Lay Branch of the Beatitudes, the Disciples of the Lamb and the Friends of the Lamb.

A few members work outside: as catechist in a high-school and in abandoned children’s home, in a home for retarded peoples and in a retirement home.

“Votre don sera reçu par la Fondation pour le Clergé, en faveur de la Communauté des Béatitudes et les données recueillies sur le formulaire de don serviront aux communications de la Communauté des Béatitudes et de la Fondation pour le Clergé.”

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