The Holy Family

Bamako, Mali

  • Bamako, Mali

  • Communauté des Béatitudes,
    La Sainte Famille,
    quartier Torokorobougou,
    Rue 408 porte 1062,
    Mission Catholique - BP 298 - Bamako,

  • 223/62 89 51 18
    223/94 69 73 49

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Bamako is situated in the south of Mali, a Sahelian country, cut off from the sea, with a wet tropical climate. The capital, divided by the Niger River which flows into the Atlantic Ocean, is the administrative and economic center of the country, an important river port, and a food-producing area.

Our home for teenage mothers in difficulty is situated at the crossroads of West Africa, on the right bank of the River Niger.

The Community of the Beatitudes has been present there since 1996. Our main focus is to welcome young mothers who are in precarious circumstances, such as abused young house maids and street girls who have become social misfits. These are the most complex situations in a country where social rehabilitation and recovery normally takes place through family ties.

The center is also a venue open to prayer groups and volunteers willing to give their time to God, as well as poor and suffering people in need of support.

“Votre don sera reçu par la Fondation pour le Clergé, en faveur de la Communauté des Béatitudes et les données recueillies sur le formulaire de don serviront aux communications de la Communauté des Béatitudes et de la Fondation pour le Clergé.”

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