Emmaus Nicopolis

Emmaus Nicopolis, Israel

Situated between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Emmaus Nicopolis offers a possibility of immersion in the history of Israel through archaeological excavations and Biblical narratives.

The Holy Place where the disciples of Emmaus recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread is a “must see” for pilgrims visiting the Holy Land. The Community has been present in Israel since 1975 and has lived in Emmaus since 1993. It’s a privileged place of encounter with our elder brothers in faith, as one of the top Christian sites visited by Israeli tourists.

The Community hosts those who come to visit the impressive excavated ruins (5th-7th century AD), our small museum, and our places of prayer, such as the chapel of liturgical offices and Adoration, or the roofless ruins of the basilica, where pilgrims celebrate Mass in the open air. We also lead pilgrim tours throughout the country and we are part of Israel’s pastoral team through education (teachings, catechesis…). We participate in gatherings, celebrations, and dialogue at various churches, communities and sites of the Holy Land.

  • Address : Community of the Beatitudes, Post Office Box 638, Ramle 7210601, Israel
  • Geographic address : Emmaus-Nicopolis, Latrun junction, next to Canada (Ayalon) Park, Israel


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