The Mystery of Israel

Saint Paul speaks of the mystery of Israel as being connatural to the mystery of the Church : the Church, so to speak,  is grafted on the root of Israel, who is the cultivated olive tree (Rm 11,25).

Contemplative prayer helps us to share in God’s feelings toward his people and, consquently, we receive from Him his unrepentant burning love for the first-born son, object of his constant predilection « on account of the patriarchs » (Rm 11,28).

“We shall marvel at the splendor of God’s plan for Israel. Our contemplation will lead us to the doors of this mystery which transcends our intelligence. Like paupers and beggars we shall seek to listen “to what the Spirit says to the Churches“, knowing that only a revelation communicated by the Spirit to the heart can allow us to enter more deeply into the mystery of Israel which Saint Paul wishes the Church not to ignore. Contemplative prayer will help us share in God’s sentiments for his people and we shall partake of His ongoing burning expectant love for the first born son He elected, which He “continues to cherish because of his fathers”. Each one of us will, therefore, endeavour to love Israel like God does, for He truly loves Israel without repentance for the gifts and calling He bestowed. God has incorporated Israel to Himself to such an extent that He “surrounds him, brings him up and watches over him like the apple of his eye.” (Book of Life No 89-90)

Intercession for the Jewish people, therefore, occupies an important and privileged space in our prayer life, so that God’s purpose for Israel may come to fruition.

The Community, seized from within by an eschatological tension through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, longs for a common Passover with Israel and for the glorious manifestation of the Lamb who will establish us in the final and everlasting Shabbat, none other than the Kingdom to come.

Maranatha ! Come Lord Jesus !

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